40 Years Worldwide Experience

Consultant in Agricultural Development & Machinery - Technical Staff Training - Industrial Farm Development

Our Team

We've got an important network of professionals working with us and able to intervene on specific projects. We also have our own team :


CEO of Pichavant Consulting. Mechanical and Rural Engineer. He spent almost 40 years working in developing countries.

He has worked for several French Consultancy Offices ( such as BCEOM ), African State Companies ( SATMACI, SODECAO,... ) and agro-industrial groups ( CSS, SUCRIVOIRE ).
Patrick also worked in missions mandated by the United Nations and for some international NGOs.

Member of the SOFIOM since 1982 and recognised by the Canadian Agency for International Development.


Patrick Pichavant


Graduate from Polytech Orléans, as a Mechanical Engineer, Raphael helps us in technical expertise, optimization of industrial production and the training of technicians on-site.

He's also graduated in Master in Business and Administration, IAE Montpellier, whch gives him a good perspective regarding companies needs, and he's got a clear understanding of cost optimization for our clients.

Raphael is also involved in the areas of:Evaluation and Training of the technical staff in mechanical, hydraulic and electricity.Monitoring and control of our industrial sites.




Graduatedin Business & Administration at EIM SupdeCo Montpellier and Universityof Bedfordshire in England. He is in charge of the commercial development of the structure and is involved in the development of productivity solutions for our customers. He also acts in administrative optimization, inventory management, staff training and HR.

Patrick Jean travels in Europe (France, England, Scotland), Asia (China -Hong Kong) and Africa (Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso) since 2005.

Patrick-Jean has passed a Caces R372m Cat8, wich give him the ability to help our clients in planning and training drivers of agricultural machinery.


Patrick Jean

Independant Experts

Here is a list of some independant experts and partners working with us


Former military and now retired from the French Army (Logistics), Jean-Luc has spent over 30 years in the Army, including 10 years in the training of technical personnel. He later managed a profit center and his team for 5 years.

With his strong experience abroad, Jean Luc accompanies us in logistics, organization and training of technical staff.

His experience in river management allows us to adapt our advice on optimization of vehicles.


Jean Luc


Former farm director for nearly 20 years and 4th generation farmer. Gilles  our specialist in crops management (corn, seed corn, wheat...).

His extensive experience allows him to intervene in the implementation and use of irrigation equipment (pivots, rollers ...), consulting in crop selection, land preparation and agricultural techniques.  His skills allow him to accompany us in staff training for the use of harvesting equipment.




Carlos has been hydraulic mechanic for over 20 years. He operates as part of site supervision, training and technical assistance for our customers,

Carlos has perfect knowledge of mechanical machinery and agricultural machinery. He has, moreover, a significant industry experience, particularly in the maintenance of boilers.

He's also excellent in the preventive approach of the machine maintenance. His coaching skills allow him to accompany us in the executive training. He can also make technical interims.